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MCNP6.2(r) Correlated Fission Capabilities and Associated Packages: MCNPTools, Intrinsic Source Constructor, and Detector Response Function Toolkit

This workshop will present new MCNP6.2 features and associated packages relevant to nuclear non-proliferation applications. A brief overview of the history of MCNP and new features available will precede more detailed discussions on newly interfaced correlated fission event generators CGMF and FREYA, and associated packages including the Intrinsic Source Constructor, MCNPTools, and DRiFT. The Intrinsic Source Constructor and MCNPTools were released with MCNP6.2, the latter is a software package intended to processes and manipulate mctal, meshtal, and ptrac MCNP outputs. The Intrinsic Source Constructor (ISC) computes source descriptions given a radioactive material composition. This packages includes a library which can be built and linked to other tools in C++ or python, and misc, a standalone binary specifically for generating fixed source (SDEF) specifications in MCNP. Finally, the Detector Response Function Toolkit (DRiFT) intended to post-process MCNP output to generate high-fidelity nuclear instrumentation simulations for non-proliferation applications will be demonstrated.

Cyclus Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulator Workshop

This tutorial will introduce the Cyclus nuclear fuel cycle simulator and its ecosystem of region, institution, and facility models. Users will learn how build fuel cycle scenarios, select and customize agents, conduct simulations, and analyze results via hands-on demonstrations, all with the support of the Cyclus development team. Through these exercises, users will have the opportunity to test their new-found knowledge, learn to explore their own analysis, and try out some things on their own. This tutorial assumes that the learner is already familiar with the purpose of a fuel cycle simulator. Attendees are required to bring a laptop with an internet connection so that Cyclus can be run remotely.